How To Wax Your Sack

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 Step by Step

  1. Remove any excessive dirt or debris from the surface. If you wax over the top of anything unwanted it will only seal this in for you.
  2. Empty and flatten whatever you want to wax. Rub the item with the wax to create a film over the surface. You don’t have to push too hard. Trial and error will determine how much wax you need to achieve your desired coverage. You may want to start light and then get heavier on a second round? If your item was already waxed prior to this application, just bear in mind that the fabric will have a limit to how much fabric wax it will absorb.
  3. Once you have an even film of wax over the surface begin to push the wax into the fibres of the fabric with you fingers. You are essentially forcing wax into the tiny gaps between the threads to block them. Adjust your finger pressure and speed to achieve the right amount of friction to move the wax off the outer surface and into the fibres.
  4. A good application is achieved when there is no obvious wax residue remaining on the outside surface. You can further achieve this by placing the item in the hot sun or applying heat with something such as a hair dryer.
  5. Once the item is waxed it will feel slightly tacky for up to a few hours (depending on conditions) while the oils and waxes in the Sack Wax absorb into the fabric and dry out.

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